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Publication of color illustrations

Color illustrations can be published in Russian and English versions (on-line and paper versions) upon agreement with the Editorial Board.


Additional requirements for color illustrations:

  • 8 bit/channel mode;
  • CMYK color space;
  • resolution of at least 300 dpi.

Publication of color illustrations limited to on-line version of the Journal.

1. The choice of colors for lines and objects should exclude the possibility of information loss when printed in black and white. It is recommended to print out color illustrations using a black and white printer in order to check whether colors are visible and distinguishable. References to colors in figure captions should be avoided;


2. Colored lines on graphs and charts should be marked with letters, symbols, or numbers, or different types of lines should be used for every color;


3. Colored regions in the illustrations should be marked with different symbols rather than with similar symbols of different colors;


4. If adjacent colored regions are of similar color tones, color separation should be supported by a thin line to mark the boundary between these regions;


5. When there are many colored regions with similar color tones in the figure, they should be additionally marked with symbols or hatching;


6. It is preferable to make all inscriptions either black or white depending on the background.
Thermal Engineering offers free reproduction of color illustrations in the online version.


The Russian version of the journal "Teploenergetika" ISSN 0040-3636


The English version of the journal Thermal Engineering

ISSN PRINT: 0040-6015;

ISSN ONLINE: 1555-6301


Editor-In-Chief: Aleksei Dedov


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